wellness cooking and Paleo meals

wellness cooking and Paleo meals

~Creating health through nutrition~

~Creating health through nutrition~


About Chef Catherine

Chef Catherine was trained in Philadelphia at the The Restaurant School of Philadelphia. Always having a passion for healthy cooking, she has taken her cuisine to a new level and created a business niche focused on wellness cooking. Her ancestors hail from Italy and Spain, so Mediterranean influences have inspire her meals. She also studied in Madrid, Spain while in college and is fluent in Spanish. Chef Catherine keeps a mainly Paleo diet. 

wellness Cooking

Chef Catherine has worked with clients who have various health challenges, from cancer to autoimmune conditions. She is  well versed in preparing the Paleo Diet, Autoimmune Paleo Protocol, Anti-Inflammatory Diet to Lo-Salt, and numerous other special diets for various health conditions. Although she is not a nutritionist she is very knowledge about nutrition and well balanced meals. 

What is AIP?

The Autoimmune Paleo Protocol is a diet based on delicious vegetables, proteins and healthy fats. It is prescribed for sufferers of autoimmune conditions because it brings down inflammation in the body so that the body can begin a healing process. When a body is in a state of inflammation, it is like a fire is raging. AIP is based on Paleo meals and in addition, takes away main allergens, dairy, wheat, soy, corn, sugar, particular spices and anything artificial to clean out the system and calm the fire. The body can then start the healing process. 



"Chef Catherine made delicious meals for my mother when she was dealing with a healthy crisis. She is passionate about creating delicious nutritious meals!"


"I love coming home and having a nutritious meal ready on the table in minutes."


"New diets are really challenging. Chef Catherine really cares about helping her clients and making them successful in their transition to a new food lifestyle."

Sample Menu

All menus are custom and tailored to specific tastes and dietary needs of client

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