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Simplify Your Life

Top 3 Reasons My Clients Hire Me


They simply do not have time to prepare the healthful meals they want to eat.

You may have a busy lifestyle with family or work. After a long day, you want to quickly and easily heat up a nutritious meal. I use unprocessed, fresh, and health promoting ingredients in my cooking.

  Dietary Needs

They are on a special diet, health regiment, or they want to lose weight.

Planning menus, shopping and preparing meals for a special health regime takes time. It's hard enough adjusting to a new lifestyle - there is an undescribable comfort in knowing you don't have to think about your meals on your special diet- what I can or cannot eat. Imagine opening your refrigerator and finding it full of wholesome meals completely tailored to your  eating plan.

  Rather Stay Out of The Kitchen!

Not everyone enjoys cooking or knows how to cook, and some clients would rather be spending time with family or doing something else. Yet they still want satisfying nourishing meals to enjoy with their family in the comfort of their home.  

Chef Catherine will Simplify Your Life By Preparing Nutritious Healthy Meals For You.

How will this benefit you?

Reduced Stress - No more what can I eat or what's for dinner tonight?

More Time - On average 10-15 hours per week

Economical - No wasted food or expensive take-out with processed ingredients 

How much food goes bad weekly in your fridge?  

How much money do you spend weekly on take-out with processed ingredients, or unknown ingredients?

More Energy & Quality of Life - Your body will be thanking you for giving it the right fuel. 

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