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                     gluten free pumpkin spice muffins

How My Personal Chef Service Works:

Initial Consultation:
Through my detailed client assessment, we will first determine your individual food and taste preferences, any dietary requirements and/or food allergies. We will also discuss which service is the right amount of meals for you and your family and packaging requirements.

Menu Planning:
Based on your taste preferences and dietary needs, I will create completely customized menus. I am pleased to prepare a recipe you may have as well. Next you will review your menu.

Grocery Shopping:  
On the agreed upon cookday, 
I will shop at the store you desire for the best quality ingredients for your personalized menu. I can procure all organic ingredients, a mix of organic and natural, and when available - local produce and meats. If you belong to a local farm with a Community Supported Agriculture Program, I would be happy to prepare items with your amazing farm produce as well.  

Meal Preparation:
After grocery shopping, I arrive at your house with all the fantastic ingredients to prepare your menus. I will tote my "Traveling Kitchen", with my pots, pans, culinary tools and equipment I will require to cook all of your meals. I will need from you - a clean and clear counter space, room in the fridge and freezer and use of the stove and sink.

Pantry Items:
Included in my "Traveling Kitchen" are basic pantry items, such as dry spices, natural salts and peppers, organic sugars, organic vinegars and organic baking ingredients. I will be purchasing other necessary and specialty 
ingredients for your menus, such as organic oils or alternative grains or flours that I leave in your pantry to use on my cookdays.

As the meals are prepared and properly cooled, they are packaged for your refrigerator or for your freezer, as you desire. Your kitchen is left completely clean and spotless as I found it upon arrival. You have a fridge full of meals, and a kitchen wafting with delicious aromas.

Heating Instructions/Invoice:
I will leave you a printed Menu with Complete Heating Instructions for your tailor-made meals. You will also have a copy of the invoice for the cookday with my Chef Fee, Grocery Totals and Deposits noted. A copy of the grocery bill will also be included.

I work on a Chef Fee + Groceries basis. This means I charge a flat fee for the Service that you desire (Number of Meals). Groceries and Containers are separate costs. In some cases, initially, there may be additional charges added to my standard Chef Fee for specialty recipe or diet research.  

My Chef Fee and Grocery deposit are due before my Cookday at your house. I require my Chef Fee and Grocery Deposit no later than one week prior to the Cookday. Personal Checks or Cash is acceptable.

                 pan seared sea scallops with prosciutto,
                             rosemary and fresh lemon

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