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 Chef Catherine's Culinary Bio

      From a young age I had a passion for everything food. Everything. My Italian and Spanish ancestry passed on the love of food and cooking as well. Family gatherings have always revolved around the menu and cooking. As a Spanish Language major in college, I studied abroad and devoured the Spanish culture and cuisine. Traveling throughout Europe broadened my horizons to other cuisines as well.

Eventually, I turned my passion into my career path and attended culinary school at The Restaurant School of Philadelphia, a classical French culinary school. I absorbed all the techniques  to prepare me for a culinary career. While in school, one of my classmates mentioned the new field of "Personal Cheffing".  From that point on, my goal was to eventually have my own Personal Chef business with a focus on healthy cuisines.

After apprenticing at various types of food establishments, including the four-star Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia and a healthy foods catering company in Boston, I settled back in Pittsburgh and started my Personal Chef Business.

Focusing on special diets has been a natural progression for my business. I have spent much time taking classes and reading materials related to diet and health. When I have a new client with a health condition unfamiliar  to me, I spend some time researching this condition, for my own education. I will use the diet information from my client's healthcare provider or nutritionist, and use my culinary knowledge to prepare healing foods that promote my client's wellness. 

I have worked with clients who have had Multiple Food Allergies, Parkinson's Disease, Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Gluten Free and Dairy Free diets, and Diabetes, to name a few. As I work with a client they start learning about healthy foods, and how to incorporate nutritious foods
into everyday. 

My personal commitment to my business and clients is to continue to learn and study about the relationship of food, health and nutrition. I find these subjects fascinating. I whole heartily incorporate this commitment into the meals I prepare for my clients, to continue to help them maintain vibrant health.

Chef Catherine's Culinary Achievements

  • Certified Personal Chef, USPCA (logged extra coursework and client hours)
  • Member of West PA Chefs Chapter, Current Vice Pres.
  • Member Chef, Let's Move (Michelle Obama's Program to end childhood obesity)
  • Graduate of USPCA, Culinary Business Academy
  • Member of United States Personal Chef Assoc. (USPCA)
  • Certified Food Safety Manager, Allegheny County Dept of Health
  • Graduate of The Restaurant School of Philadelphia  (received 1st place in presentation salon) 

 Additional Studies/Coursework:

  • Jules Gluten Free Baking Class, Jules Shepard, Gluten Free Chef
  • Dean Ornish's Reversing Heart Disease Diet Intro Class         (12 Hrs) Allegheny General Hospital
  • Nutrition and Health Classes, Marietta Amatangelo, MS, RD/LD, Georgetown Center for Integrative Medicine
  • Food As Medicine Class, Dr. Cindee Gardner, Homeopathy/Clinical Nutrition/Molecular Medicine
  • Health and Food Series Classes, Janet McKee, HHC
    Shadyside Center for Integrative Medicine
  • Healing Foods Conference, Fall 2010
    Allegheny General Hospital, Center for Integrative Medicine
  • Raw Food Intensive, Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, NYC, Spring 2011            



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